The SP-Teri Difference

SP-Teri figure skating boots lead the industry in skating boot design, quality and fit. Our boots are completely American-made with products from the United States. Learn more about what sets our boots apart.

SP-Teri boots are handcrafted in the USA.

Since 1963, SP-Teri boots have been manufactured in the United States. We source only the highest quality American-made materials so that the SP-Teri name is synonymous with quality.


We understand the needs of figure skaters.

We’re owned and operated by an Olympic skater and coach. We understand the unique needs and challenges of skaters, and use that knowledge to help skaters find or design their perfect boot.

What makes SP-Teri the best fitting boot?

The way a boot fits is determined by the last — a wooden or plastic foot form — used to create the boot. The SP-Teri last was created by Joseph Spiteri in 1963, making SP-Teri boots an instant success because of their impeccable fit. Since then, our last has been updated three times to keep up with the evolution of the human foot. Read on to see how our last makes all the difference.

Fit & Comfort Features

Rounded Toe Box

For control, skaters need a boot that fits snugly but not tightly. That’s why instead of a pointed toe, which can cramp the foot, our last is designed with a rounded toe box. It allows the foot to get close to the end of the boots without squeezing the second, third and fourth toes.

Arch Support

The arch of SP-Teri boots has been redesigned to accommodate the lower arches of today’s skaters. This is especially important for younger skaters whose feet are still developing.

Heel Pitch

The heel pitch of our boots allows the skater to balance at the center of the blade. A boot with a high heel shifts the skater’s weight to the toe picks, and a low heel throws the weight back. Center balance on the blade gives the skater ideal body position for shifting weight.


The heel in SP-Teri boots is designed narrow to hold the foot more securely. And the back curve holds the heel in a snug position for jumping control.

V-Cut Flex Notch

The V-Cut Flex Notch provides flexibility on take off and landing and helps skaters break-in their boot more easily.

Power Tab

Our leather power tab for midsection support is an external piece of leather to help reinforce the left and right sides of the boot.

Offset Hook Positioning

For better lacing, offset hook positioning distributes tension in the upper part of the boot and eliminates the potential for pulling hooks off the boot.

Lightweight Soles and Heels

We provide lightweight soles and heels for significant weight reduction.

Need more options? Special sizing? Try custom boots.

For beige boots or combination widths, please start a custom boot order.


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