About SP-Teri

We’ve helped elite skaters worldwide perform at their best since 1963 by handcrafting figure skating boots with the finest materials and an unmatched attention to detail.

Our Story

Joseph Spiteri started making skating boots in 1948 when the company he was working for decided to produce skating boots as an adjunct to its shoemaking operations. As a seasoned cobbler, he adapted to the production of skating boots, quickly becoming the head skate designer for his employer.

For 13 years, Joseph honed his skills in pattern design and customizing boots to fit customer specifications. In 1962, his employer passed away and the company was sold. Joseph then decided to start his own company, and SP-Teri was born.

By August 1963, Joseph was manufacturing SP-Teri boots in his own small workshop in California. The boot design he had created fit skaters remarkably well, making them an instant success, so much so, that the company was sitting on a 10-week backlog of orders by the following year!

Skate shops across the country started carrying SP-Teri boots. By the third year of business, Joseph was out-selling his former employer. In 1972, Joseph’s son George joined the family business and continued to build the SP-Teri reputation for quality and fit for years to come.

George Spiteri

Our Commitment to Quality

For over 50 years, SP-Teri has been dedicated to creating the highest quality boots available for elite figure skaters.

Today, that tradition continues with the SP-Teri brand in Nashville, Tennessee. George Spiteri serves as an advisor to the company, and Bill Fauver leads the team as our president.

As an Olympic pairs figure skater and coach, Bill understands the needs of competitive skaters and is committed to continuing the legacy of outstanding quality for which SP-Teri is well known.

Bill Fauver and his partner doing a pair sit spin.

Our Pricing

We are proud to keep the SP Teri heritage continuing in our new location west of Nashville. As we have rebooted and purchased additional equipment we have found that many of our suppliers are either no longer in business or are having substantial cost increases. You will now see new price increases, which we have kept to a minimum, to ensure that our boots are still an excellent value.

Why SP-Teri?

SP-Teri has become known for its impeccable fit and unmatched quality. Learn why SP-Teri is the first choice for competitive ice skaters.

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