Ankle Support Guide

Getting the right amount of ankle support is important for top performance and safety at all ice skating levels.

To help you choose the right amount of support for you and your figure skating goals, each SP-Teri boot model is assigned a stiffness number on a scale of 1 (flexible) to 5 (extra stiff).



Flexible ice skating boots are for recreational and entry-level skaters. Very supple and break in quickly.



Mid-level ice skating competitors actively competing and working on double triples can find their match in a semi-firm skating boot.

Products Include: Gold Medalist, Pro Teri, Super Teri, Zero Gravity, Teri Dance



Competitive figure skaters need our firm boots which are strong and ready for competition.

Products Include: Zero Gravity X, X1


Extra Stiff

Mature ice skaters and full-time athletes can depend on extra stiff boots to handle all jumps, spins, and year-long competitions.

Products Include: X2

Not sure which figure skating boot is right for you?

Get in touch with us and we can recommend one of our models based on your skill level and frequency of skating.

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