A Legacy of Quality

SP-Teri has led the figure skating boot industry in quality and fit since 1963. Our boots combine fit, comfort and support to equip all figure skaters to perform at their best.

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Why SP-Teri?

SP-Teri is known among competitive figure skaters for the high quality and unbeatable fit of our boots. Our hand-crafted, innovative design has been perfected to give skaters the comfort and control they need. Discover the SP-Teri difference.

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Our Pricing

We are proud to keep the SP Teri heritage continuing in our new location west of Nashville. As we have rebooted and purchased additional equipment we have found that many of our suppliers are either no longer in business or are having substantial cost increases. We have kept our cost increase to a minimum and have not raised prices since July 2021. You will now see new price increases, which we have kept to a minimum, to ensure that our boots are still an excellent value.

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Learn basic positioning and smooth out your edges with our entry-level boots.

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Flawlessly execute your combination jumps and spins with our intermediate boots.

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Be a cut above the rest in your next competition with our figure skating boots.

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Take your performance to the next level with our elite boots that are designed for top skaters.

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Be Your Best with Custom Boots

Using only the highest quality materials, your custom skating boots are handcrafted to your specifications so you can perform at your best.

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Freestyle Blades

Choose from a variety of brands for your freestyle figure skating boots.

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Snow White Inlines

No matter your skill level, these high-quality, freestyle inlines make a perfect match for your boots.

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Dance Blades

Find the perfect blade to help support you as you skate towards your goals.

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