Helium Light Construction

$ 765.00

CUSTOM BOOTS:  All leather uppers, counters, soles & heels. Hand-lasted on a customized last.

The following features are available or included at no additional charge: 

  • Standard Pattern Cut
  • Varied Stiffness (soft to XXX stiff)
  • Clarino Micro fiber upper available for lightweight option
  • Smooth Orthopedic Lining or Clarino Lining
  • Sponge or Foam Ankle Padding, Tendon Pads, and Tongues
  • Low Vamp Design
  • Allowance for Spurs & Bunion
***A  $400.00 deposit it’s required to place order, this deposit is not refundable  once production of boots have started****
Prices, Features and options subject to change without notice
Production Time: 6 to 8 weeks

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